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Anhui WeiJia, new technology and new concept shine
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July 11-13, the 8th China (Shanghai) International Bus Technology Exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Exposition Center. Guided by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and the Shanghai Traffic Commission, the exhibition was sponsored by the media such as bus technology network, energy-saving and new energy vehicle network, bus technology information network of the Ministry of Transport, China Tourist Vehicle Association, and urban public transport of China. Tong Union, Anhui Provincial Urban Public Transport Association, Hubei Provincial Urban Public Transport Association, Shandong Provincial Urban Public Transport Association, Zhejiang Provincial Urban Public Transport Association, Anhui Union Trade Media Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Guangdong Provincial Urban Public Transport Association, Hunan Provincial Urban Public Transport Association, Henan Provincial Public Transport Association, Ningbo Public Transportation Association, Wenzhou City Public Transportation Industry Association, Shanghai Honghe Zhi Industrial Co., Ltd., Transportation Association Local Passenger Transportation Cooperation Committee, Jiangsu Transportation Association Automobile Transportation Branch jointly organized.

As one of the world's most important professional exhibitions in the field of passenger cars, the exhibition is more than 30,000 square meters in size, bringing together 312 leading enterprises from 27 countries and regions, attracting about 30,000 professional audiences at home and abroad. This exhibition pays special attention to the development of new energy passenger cars and spare parts. It provides a professional display and exchange platform for the new energy passenger car industry. It is also a stage for professional bus spare parts manufacturers at home and abroad to show their strength.

At this exhibition, exhibitors show a large number of new marketing models and new technologies, which are refreshing. Among them, Anhui Weijia Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. launched the automotive air shock absorber spring (shock absorber air spring) "8 years life cycle management plan (LCC)" and "RFID" new technology is more shining this auto show.

During the exhibition, Anhui Weijia organized the Shanghai-Anhui Bus Association's "2018 New Energy Bus Lightweight Technology Seminar". Representatives of Shanghai-Anhui Bus Association, China Highway Association and some vehicle manufacturers participated in the seminar. The lightweight technology and market demand of passenger cars were discussed. . At the seminar, Anhui WeiJia launched the "8 year life cycle management plan (LCC)" marketing innovation measures. "LCC" originated from the U. S. military, mainly used for military materials research and development and procurement, suitable for long product life cycle, material loss, high maintenance costs of product areas. In 1999, it was widely used in the civil field through the form of government orders. Anhui WeiJia introduced this theory into the product marketing system and made a breakthrough in the industry. This is a follow-up to the Weijia air spring "2 years 300,000 kilometers" industry pledge, Anhui Weijia customer pledge to upgrade the quality assurance version. The specific content of this initiative is that as long as the new car assembly Weijia air spring assembly more than 100, can enjoy the full life cycle of passenger cars for eight years nanny service. During the eight years, Anhui Weijia provides daily maintenance and professional replacement services, and provides free replacement of new air spring, completely eliminating the use of product quality concerns of air spring users. LCC's proposal has been unanimously recognized and highly appraised by experts and industry leaders both at home and abroad.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, also known as Radio Frequency Identification, is a communication technology that can identify specific targets and read and write relevant data through Radio signals. At present, RFID technology is widely used, such as library, access control system, food safety traceability and so on. In the automotive field, the users are urban public transport fleets with high requirements on safety data management, air spring identification and mileage performance management. RFID can accurately manage air spring inventory and solve the problem of inventory inaccuracy. Carry out fine management on the use of air spring, and statistic mileage information respectively; Automatic calculation of vehicle mileage for safety management data support; The air spring fault is analyzed to provide decision basis for use and replacement. Analyze air spring usage, reduce abnormal use and damage monitoring; Generate reports related to air spring management and reduce personnel input; The open data interface realizes the interaction with the existing system data. Anhui weijia is the first company in the field of auto parts to apply RFID technology to air shock absorber spring (shock absorber air sprinig).

Due to the great innovation in marketing concept and manufacturing technology of the air shock absorber spring in Anhui Weijia, the exhibition has attracted the attention of the industry. After strict screening and evaluation, the exhibitors decided to award the most important prize of the automobile exhibition "Ten Innovative Enterprises Award" to Anhui Weijia Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.

During the exhibition, businessmen and technicians from home and abroad have stopped at Weijia, Anhui Province, to consult relevant issues and communicate cooperation intentions.

Anhui Weijia exhibition stand has become one of the most eye-catching exhibition stands in this auto show, and has attracted the attention of CCTV's "Creativity" column. After strict screening and examination, Anhui Weijia through the "ingenuity to build" column of the primary election, the company's general manager was invited to participate in the "ingenuity to build, quality win the future, quality brand vanguard project activities" conference.

The introduction of new technologies and new concepts has made this auto show much more technologically advanced and active than previous auto exhibitions, pushing the auto show to a new height.

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